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Granting Children Their Emotions

by Ilse Elisabeth Plattner
July/August 2003
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At the airport: A little girl, about two and a half years old, stands in front of the chairs where the adults sat, heartbreakingly crying, tears rolling down her face. The mother looks away, so does the grandmother. Both look in the opposite direction of the child, as if neither hear the child nor belong with the child.

In the supermarket: A boy, about four years old, walks backwards along the side of the trolley that is pushed by the father and the mother. The boy cries furiously, his face is blushed, his nose is running; he attempts to face the parents, but he cannot get their attention.

Luca, eighteen months old, is playing with some toys in the living room. All of a sudden he starts shouting for joy. The parents, watching TV, shout, both at the same time "Lucaa!" (meaning "Be quiet!").

Sabrina, three years old, refuses to leave the car. She does not want to enter the aunt's house because she is terribly afraid of her dog. The aunt walks towards the car, with a smile on her face, the dog at her side, emphasising that this dog is a very nice one and does not do any harm to a ...

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