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Home Away From Home: Creating Exceptional Child Care Spaces

by Mara O’Neill
March/April 2011
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When Diana decided not to renew the lease for one of her preschool sites, she knew it would be a huge task to find a new space. So she and her board of directors decided to consolidate facilities by remodeling their center in Minneapolis. Children with disabilities from low-income families depend on Diana’s team for therapeutic care and education. Diana wasn’t going to let these families down.

Anthony was at capacity in his leased space and wanted to purchase and renovate a building near an elementary school in his community. The new building would allow him to serve more
children, especially those from low-income families where the parents often work second- and third-shift jobs.

Both Diana and Anthony faced the same daunting challenge of developing and financing the specialized " and expensive " space children use to learn and play. Like many other center directors across the country, they are experts in early care and education, not in facilities design and construction.

We know that a high-quality facility contributes to high-quality care and education. We also know that a well-designed facility builds parent confidence and creates a positive reputation for your center. Jerry Cutts, CEO of First Children’s Finance, says, “When parents ...

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