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How Comfort Can Steal Enrollment

by Julie Wassom
January/February 2013
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The director’s voice had a frantic tone when she asked me how she could quickly regain enrollment she had lost when a company near her center closed its doors, causing several of her parents to leave unexpectedly. When I asked her what she had been doing to market her center, she replied, “Not much, because we have been full for awhile now.” Big Mistake.

Another director, frustrated by prospects who came for what seemed to be good center visits yet decided to enroll with her competitors, said this, “I have been enrolling parents the same way for years. When they see our building and the kind of program we have, they have always registered. I have not needed to ask them to enroll.” Really?

Lamenting an increasing withdrawal rate, a manager commented, “We do not do parent surveys or exit interviews. We know what our parents want, and the only reasons we lose enrollments are out of our control, like moving away.” Are you sure?

Those of you who have participated in my training know I say complacency is enrollment suicide. If you have been doing the same things for years to convert inquiries into enrollments and retain most of your customers, there’s ...

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