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Learning Moments CD - Children with Learning Challenges

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These CDs can be used on PC or Mac platform.

Permission is granted for use of the CD by one individual program director, trainer, or college educator presenting the material in an in-person setting.

For use online or by multiple individuals in one organization (including large early childhood organizations, colleges, and other training institutions), please email requests to [email protected].

This Learning Moments CD (for use on a computer) presents 10 real-life video files that are the perfect compliment to workshops, lectures, and online courses on how young children with learning challenges - like all children - demonstrate their understandings and competencies during play. These video clips afford the invaluable opportunity to learn about the knowledge and skills that children may not evidence as clearly across all domains.

"Chris reveals a previously undiscovered ability to figure out the logic of symmetrical structures. He understands the implication for the right side when he solves a problem on the left side."

In the clips on this CD you will observe how children living with learning challenges demonstrate:

  • flexibility when solving problems by being able to move beyond an initial problem in order to revise strategies or invent new solutions.
  • perseverance as they seek to attain their goals in the context of both solitary and collaborative play.
  • leadership as they share their knowledge with a peer or take on different roles in a spontaneous group game.

Table of Contents:

  • Chris Builds with Window Blocks
    Runtime: 1:48
    Chris reveals a previously undiscovered ability to figure out the logic of symmetrical structures. He understands the implication for the right side when he solves a problem on the left side. His careful thinking earns him new respect at school.
  • Duck Duck Goose
    Runtime 5:16
    Chaislyn loves to be the one who taps the sitting players who give chase. She deliberately allows the runner to reach her seat. She then feigns disappointment to mask her intent to remain "it."
  • Dancing the Freeze
    Runtime 2:48
    When the music stops the children freeze in crazy poses. But each time the music stops Evan mimics a particular pose (arm up , shoulder down, head cocked) as if this is the game. Evan invents his own way to participate in this group game.
  • Evan Shows Jose
    Runtime 8:14
    Without many words, Evan escorts Jose, a new child, around the hot spots on the playground, demonstrating parts of games often played in these areas. This leadership role was new for Evan, yet he was careful to see if Jose was attentive.
  • Elastic Rules Mean More Can Play
    Runtime: 2:48
    When children have entered the world of play, the rules of a game can change to fit individual understanding. Starting all-at-once can morph into start-when-you-like, yet the feeling of affiliation and joy pervades the play with each run.
  • It Helps to Laugh
    Runtime 6:05
    Chaislyn tries to play with Chris who seems more interested in playing alone. But Chaislyn engages him with her hearty laugh and by the clever way she transforms his word stop from a "don't do that" to "lets think about what to do next."
  • Teddy Builds a Ramp
    Runtime 6:35
    Teddy has both a toy car and a set of blocks. The car makes him think about rolling down a slanted slat; the blocks make his think about a flat roof. Watch how he goes back and forth and finally integrates these two points of view.
  • It Takes Two to Tie a Shoe
    Runtime 5:38
    Chaisyln knows the first few steps of tying a shoelace, but her confidence outstrips her ability to complete the bow on Alyssa’s shoe. Yet this same confidence and positive attitude supports a persistence rather than abandonment of the task.
  • Puzzle Persistence
    Runtime 8:06
    Even a form board with one whole piece per one whole space creates interesting problems to solve. Watch Nathaniel invent strategies that reduce the confusion of the puzzle and how he repeats successes in order to reduce his frustration.
  • The Meaning and Function of Writing
    Runtime 5:30
    Even though Chaislyn does not know how to spell Jared’s name, she knows that printed letters are discrete marks, are written from left to right, and together can be pronounced as a single word. These are steps toward complete mastery in spelling.

The Learning Moments Series is produced by Videatives, Inc.