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A program showcase: The Nature through Children’s Look

by Michael Kalinowski
March/April 2008
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What lies beyond

The project named “The Nature through Children’s Look” was born in 2004 in partnership with a Brazilian Government award called Sibling Schools that facilitates the interaction of children from different cultures. This project involved an Indian Settlement School and a City School with children aged one to six years.

The initial purpose was to help city children look over the trees that surround them, and to learn about the larger world through observation. As scientists, they headed out to conduct field research. Utilizing their natural curiosity they collected information, observed and recorded differences, and experienced the silence of nature.

Children from both schools visited each other. Parents and school employees from both schools had the opportunity to learn, teach, exchange experiences, discover differences, and recognize similarities. In one activity they tried to identify indigenous tree species from printed representations.

The participation of a student’s grandfather, Mr. José Carlos Donadão, enriched the project since he was the one who built in the history bridging the gap between the children through dialogue.

As a result of these exchanges, city children learned about Indian art, crafts, and Indian dances. They also explored differences in languages, trees, local vegetation, animals, and housing. City school children then created ...

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