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Wonder Newsletter

March/April 2011
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Parent and Children Centers: A safe and natural environment for children and their families
by Raed abu Hayyaneh

The development of Jordan’s educational system can only be described as dramatic. Jordan has forged a comprehensive, high-quality system to develop the human capital of its citizens. Today there are 3,520 government schools, 2,313 private schools, 48 community colleges, and 30 universities. In Jordan, access to basic education has been emphasized in all of the country’s development plans. The government has, as a matter of policy, provided every village and community with 10 or more school-going children with a school. As a result, the rapid spread of facilities has enabled citizens in poor and remote areas to gain access to education.

Save the Children, in cooperation with community-based organizations (CBOs) has developed more than 48 kindergarten classrooms (KGs at CBOs) and 39 classrooms at Ministry of Education schools in the last two years in both urban and remote areas to increase access to education. During the implementation of the program, we recognize that there are groups of children between ages 3 and 6 who still don’t have access to early childhood education. The Ministry of Education has established kindergartens at two of their ...

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