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Covid Vaccines for Children Under Five
June 30, 2022
Hay que sentir el pensamiento y pensar el sentimiento. (You must feel your thought and think your feeling.)
-Miguel de Unamuno, 1864-1936, Spanish novelist

Announcing, "COVID-19 vaccines have undergone—and will continue to undergo—the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history," the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has approved COVID vaccines for children six months to five years, as authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration. The clinical trials for children under five showed three doses of the vaccines were 50-80% effective in preventing symptomatic infection, with only mild to moderate side effects in some children.

Many families could not wait for vaccine approval, while others are hesitant. In the United States, less than one third of children ages 5 to 11 are fully vaccinated, according to the CDC. This compares to a vaccination rate of 60% among youth ages 12 to 17. And the CDC reports three-quarters of US children 18 and under had had COVID by the end of February 2022, with the highest rates of infection occurring in December and January, and among those with the lowest vaccination rates.

According to the New York Times, Dr. Deborah M. Greenhouse, a pediatrician in Columbia, SC, said that "parents she had encountered so far fell into three categories: those knocking down the doors to get the vaccine; those interested but needing some consultation; and families completely resistant."

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