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Fairy Tales Enhance Imagination and Creative Thinking

by Olga Sidlovskaya
September/October 2000
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Early childhood is the age of fairy tales. Language used in fairy tales is uncomplicated and doesn't exceed a child's comprehension capabilities. Any fairy tale is, by definition, simple yet mysterious. Hardly does one begin the narration with "Once upon a time . . ." that children calm down and are carried away into the world of their fantasies. Fairy tales support the development of imagination and creative thinking, one of the fundamental psychological formations of the pre-school childhood. The imagination of a child is the soil from which sprouts and grows to perfection a scientist, an inventor, an artist.

Fairy tales are one of the best means of developing this important psychological process of the early childhood - imagination. The style of a fairy tale is easy to understand for a child. Children cannot reason logically at this age, and fairy tales do not overburden them with logic. No child likes to be instructed directly, and fairy tales never teach children in this way. At most, fairy tales hint at what would be the best thing to do in this or that situation.

Fairy tales set forth and help to resolve moral problems. Most children identify with positive characters; fairy tales teach ...

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