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These digital resources from Exchange Press can be easily downloaded to any computer in the world, eliminating the time and cost of shipping.

Exchange Reflections
Exchange Magazine
Exchange Reflections Covers
Exchange Magazine Covers

Exchange Reflections are training resources that help a team of people meet in-person or live online to think deeply together about a topic using an article from Exchange magazine as a guide.

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Exchange magazine is a professional learning resource geared for passionate leaders, educators, professors, and advocates in the early childhood field. Written by ECE experts, you’ll find a wide array of articles that support and inspire the vital work you do for children.

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Exchange Essentials
Out of the Box Trainings
Exchange Essentials Covers

Exchange Essentials are a collection of hand-selected Exchange magazine articles focused on a particular topic. These easy-to-use, immediately accessible PDFs are a helpful starting point for staff training sessions, college courses, or individual professional development.
Out of the Box Trainings Covers

Out of the Box Trainings are ready-to-go professional development tools that will deepen the effectiveness of your team. They are flexible, allowing you to incorporate your own ideas and exercises to meet any special needs of your staff.

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Ed.Flicks Video Clip Library
Ed.Flicks Video Image

Get instant access to our library of over 300 closed-captioned, high-quality early childhood training and education video clips to bring any training or class alive or enhance your personal practice.

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