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Understanding Children Anew Beyond ‘Teacher-Taught’ Paradigm

by Vashima Goyal
July/August 2013
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My dialogue with KB Jinan, design graduate, an accomplished scholar, social activist, a game changer, based in India, has offered extraordinary insights into the kind of transformative qualities that compel listeners to re-look, re-think, and re-imagine learning with children and about the way children learn. Jinan has redefined a learning community that works with the principles of natural learning. Jinan states, “Learning happens!” Like digestion, the processing of cognitive inputs are not within the ­control of the ego. And like digestion, comprehension happens. Everything informs the child " people, words, objects, atmosphere, environment, psychological conditions. These inputs are processed by the human being to make sense of the world, to be rooted in the world. This is what Jinan calls ‘whole learning ­ecology.’

Who Should Learn from Whom?

Children belong to the world of senses, emotions, and experience, whereas the modern literate adult belongs to the mental world of text, reason, concepts, and categories. In a way, we " children and adults "belong to two different worlds. As adults, we miss the holistic child due to the categories in which we are trapped. Learn, play, work are three of these categories; and serious, frivolous, and boring are the values that ­usually get attached ...

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