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A Manner of Speaking

by Bonnie Neugebauer
November/December 2012
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“Here, I’ll prove to you that there are no tiny moments, no dull moments, no little things, only a general failure on our parts to see the wild and amazing slather of miracles that come unbidden . . . ” begins an essay by Brian Doyle in the September/October 2012 issue of Orion. He proceeds to tell a wonderful story gifted to him as he watched an encounter between a young child and a caterpillar; and ends by describing himself as brimming “. . . with joy that such things are in this world, and are given to us to see and savor.”

This links to Luis Hernandez’s call for joy in the May/June issue of Exchange, which solicited this beautiful thoughtful response from Brenda Jones:

Attention Luis A. Henandez:

I would like to share our moments of real life evidence of JOY. The examples are how we see joy in everyday moments.

The Infant Educators, at Relouw Early Childhood Learning Centre, wanted to be able to share special moments of compassion and joy with the families, each other and other members of the centre. Being part of London Bridge Child Care Services, our Core Values and our Centre’s Vision guide our work ...

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