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A Manner of Speaking

by Bonnie Neugebauer
March/April 2018
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So what do you do when a big idea comes along? Do you jump for it? Do you run away? Well, the funny thing is that while some ideas present themselves as life-changing, many ideas take us in baby steps, one decision follows another, and only later, perhaps in hindsight, the full vision of the idea comes into focus — a bit like the iceberg idea. In a way the work of Exchange continues to be that iceberg; we see our next steps, but the full scale of what can be is beyond our ability to imagine.

The work began in a small apartment with an intimate group of friends sharing ideas and questions. Think typewriter, postage stamps, a file cabinet and glue, oh, and laughter and wine. It involved research and risks and it depended on the generosity of others — others who were willing to share their challenges as well as their strategies for achieving goals. The work began to require a team and involved post offices, computers, classes and speeches. It held fast through beautiful successes and disheartening failures. It birthed Beginnings Magazine, The Directors’ Network, Exchange books, World Forum Foundation, TurnKey Training, Exchange Leadership Initiative — ...

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