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A Program Showcase St. Anne’s Crèche, Woodstock, South Africa

by Michael Kalinowski and Taylor Cohen
November/December 2010
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Southeast of downtown Cape Town, Woodstock was once known as a place to come for drugs. According to a recent article in the New York Times, this South African community is now a place to “come for galleries and a delicious lunch” and a “coveted location for movie and magazine shoots.”

Here there is also a continuing need. According to the St. Anne’s web site, the women and their children who live at St. Anne’s Homes:

“have mostly come from a life lived on the streets or come from an extremely deprived, poor, and neglected background. As a result of their lifestyles, many of them have endured trauma, both physical and emotional, and now need to rehabilitate themselves back into general society. The mothers have often not acquired all the necessary social and educational skills needed to raise their children and there is, therefore, the need to support these women in this area. Their children are victims of various kinds of abuse and traumas. It ranges from emotional, physical abuse, to sexual and psychological abuse. When they come to the shelter and our crèche, the children struggle with the development of their own social and emotional skills. Learning and behavioral problems, such as ...

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