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A Spring Playscape Project: Building a Tree Circle

by Rusty Keeler
January/February 2009
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If you are dreaming of adding nature to your yard, this project may be perfect for you. The Tree Circle is a green gathering area for children made by planting trees in a circle. For children, the Tree Circle becomes a magical place for dramatic play, quiet retreat, or lively nature exploration. For teachers and parents it becomes a shady grove for snacks and stories. The trees create a sweet spot that changes during the seasons and grows over time. A beautiful addition to a child’s life �" and yours too!

To begin, put together a ‘beautification team’ of excited volunteers wanting to help. Do you know people who have knowledge about plants or have planted trees before? Got any friends or staff with a green thumb (and a strong back!)? This team will be the folks who make design decisions, select the trees, and plant the trees. Local plant nurseries, landscapers, and landscape architects can answer questions or offer advice. They may even donate some time or trees if you ask nicely.

Here are the basic steps:

Decide where to plant the Tree Circle �" Think about sunlight and where you want shade. Make sure to pick a spot where your trees will ...

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