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Adventures in Risky Play

by Rusty Keeler
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Adventures in Risky Play: What is Your Yes? goes to the heart of children’s risky play. As educators working with young children, we all have boundaries and feelings around what risky play is allowed. Rusty Keeler encourages you to realize that much of what feels risky to a child is not necessarily truly dangerous. When we as educators and caretakers examine our relationship with risk, observe carefully and allow children to play and confront risk on their own terms, we see them develop, hold their locus of control and make choices on how to navigate the bumpy terrain of a situation. What better teaching tool for life is there?


I love that Rusty is taking us on a journey to turn “no” into a “yes.” I have a backpack that is with me on my travels of books that are crucial to my soul. This book will be added, you might want to add it also.”

- Daniel Hodgins, author of Boys: Changing the Classroom, Not the Child and Get Over It! Relearning Guidance Practices

“This is a book that encourages you to completely change the way you think about how children could and should play. As Rusty points out, the greatest barrier to children playing is often we adults and our hang-ups and concerns yet overcoming those is not only possible but essential if our children are to get the most from their play experiences. Prepare to be challenged.”

- Marc Armitage, Playworker, Independent Children’s Play Advocate & Consultant

Enjoy this message to you from Rusty!

ISBN: 978-0-942702-54-5