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Brain Development: Seeing and Supporting Children's Active Bodies (and Minds)

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What's In This Kit?
This training kit supports teachers in creating learning environments in which children can exercise their developing large motor abilities. This training program contains the following components:

This training kit contains the following components:
  • Expected training outcomes & learning objectives
  • Training research, models, benchmarks
  • Preparation and implementation steps for Learner/Trainer
  • Handouts
  • The article “Seeing & Supporting Children’s Active Bodies (and Minds)” by Deb Curtis
  • References and resources
  • Learning Assessment for Learner
  • Training Evaluation
  • Certificate of Attendance and Participation for Learner

Who's the Target Audience?
The target audiences for this training kit are beginning, intermediate, and advanced Learners who are working with young children (birth through 8 years).

Teacher Skill Level
beginning intermediate advanced
Children's Age Level
infants toddlers preschoolers school-agers birth to 8

Kit Timeline:
Preparation time for this kit is estimated at 1.5 hours. Implementation and actual training time is 4.5 hours, which includes 2 hours of Face-to-Face Training and 2.5 hours of Independent Study and an Applied Activity Project.

Training Outcomes:

After completing this training, Learners will be able to:
  • Understand the connection between children’s bodies and brains and appreciate the need to incorporate large muscle experiences into the classroom
  • Identify children’s movement needs and practices that will meet these needs in the classroom.
  • Incorporate large muscle experiences into classroom spaces.

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