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Bringing the Outside In (out-of-stock)

by Sandra Duncan and Jody Martin
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Bringing the Outside In: Ideas for Creating Nature-Based Classroom Experiences for Young Children offers extraordinary nature-based experiences to encourage educators and young children to bring the natural world into the early childhood classroom.

Each hands-on, open-ended, and sensory oriented experience is designed to spark discovery and imagination; encourage conversations and collaborations; allow young children to develop a sense of wonder and get to know the natural world inch-by-inch and bit-by-bit; and preserve the joys of childhood. Bringing the wonders of nature to children is truly a worthwhile journey.

The Nature-based experiences in this book are arranged in 4 chapters:

  • Exploring: Develop a deepening care and connection with the natural world as children interact, question, investigate, test, define, and refine their ideas.
  • Creating: Help children begin to understand the beauty of nature and become familiar with its textures, patterns, and colors.
  • Thinking: Create exhilarating thinking and understanding experiences for young children to learn.
  • Sprouting: Learn about ways to bring the wondrous outside world of seeds, plants, and gardens into your classroom.

"Bringing the Outside In is an exciting addition to the emerging literature on connecting children with nature. This beautifully-illustrated book offers unique ideas for helping young children experience the magic of the natural world. From such hands-on activities as creating bamboo ladybug feeders and constructing worm hotels to sorting seeds and growing fairy gardens, children will discover the wonder of nature and the way it works. They'll also discover something about themselves. As children explore, create, and reflect, they'll discover the scientist and artist within. For parents, teachers, and other adults working with young children, Bringing the Outside In will become a treasured resource for fostering creativity and a deep appreciation of nature." 

- Ruth Wilson, Ph.D., Curator of the Children and Nature Network Research Library and author of Nature and Young Children

ISBN: 978-0-942702-97-2