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Caring for the Little Ones - The Parent who Lingers

by Karen Miller
November/December 1995
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How do you help the lingering parent - the mother who cannot pull herself away in the morning and seems not to be satisfied until the child cries?

Jami Kiss, who teaches two year olds at Early Explorations in San Clemente, California, described a recent situation you have probably experienced as well. There was a new family with a two year old and a four year old. The mother came to the two year old's room first. He looked around at all the bright toys and other children with obvious interest, but still hung onto his mother and cried when she was about to leave.

Jami reassured the mother that he would likely stop crying quickly once she left. The mother said to the child, "I'm going to take your sister to her room now, and then I'll come back here and say good-bye." As soon as she left, the little guy started playing and stopped crying. However, ten minutes later, when she reappeared to say good-bye, he cried again. She lingered longer. Each time he stopped crying and started playing, she said, "I'm leaving now," and he resumed his crying. When she ...

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