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Caring for Yourself and Your Team

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This volume of Exchange Essentials includes the following selected Exchange articles, in pdf format, focusing on ideas and strategies for caring for yourself and your team:

  • Self Compassion
    Tamar Jacobsen
  • Strategies for Preventing Teacher Burnout
    Ellen Drolette
  • Combating Director Burnout: One Director’s Story
    Heidi LaBounty
  • No Shame in Addressing Mental Health: How Can I Support my Colleagues?
    Meghan Davidson
  • Enhancing our Work Through Playful Professional Practice
    Glory Ressler
  • Getting and Keeping Your Groove: Building Resilience in Adults
    Rachel Robertson and Helen Zarba
  • Strategies for Preventing Child Care Director Burnout
    Syretha Storey
  • Modeling Mindfulness by Practicing Presence
    Lisa J. Lucas
  • Broken into Wholeness
    Holly Elissa Bruno

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Caring for Yourself and Your Team