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Celebrating Our Choice

by Bonnie Neugebauer
May/June 2012
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While proofing articles for this issue, I discovered I’d been scooped. In her interview, Margie Carter highlights this comment from Darlene Nantarath: “I believe the voices of teachers are very important in our documentation postings. Going back to the principle of a strong image of children, this could be misunderstood as only reflecting on their ideas, and we forget to include ourselves.

I think that it is so important to incorporate educators’ thoughts, questions, inquiries, observations, and more. This reveals the passion and dedication we have as educators.”

It’s an important issue that deserves reflection. There is so much care in many programs to document the investigations and engagements of children " exact transcriptions of dialogue, beautiful photographs, careful preservation of artifacts. As skilled and dedicated observers, teachers focus intensely on the children, watching and recording interactions between and among children, noticing the movement of a finger, the tilt of a head, earnestly seeking understanding through intense focus. Through their documentations, these teachers create a record of learning and a resource for reflecting on the work and thinking of children.
They help us to be there so that we, too, can participate in the experiences of the children and the life of ...

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