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Celebrating the Life of Tom Hunter

by Margie Carter
September/October 2008
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Tom Hunter

Keep it Going

On June 20 we lost an inspiring colleague, Tom Hunter, a song and essay writer, minstrel, lover of life, and champion of children and their teachers. Whether in a small chair on the rug of a classroom, in a gathering circle at his annual Teachers’ Camp, or in front of a huge audience at state and national conferences, Tom’s big heart, thoughtful ears, sharp mind, and playful spirit always touched those in his presence. Several generations of children have grown up with Tom’s songs, learned in classrooms, church settings, or at home by parents who found his music added both sensitivity and joy to their family life. In addition to his many recordings, solo, with family, friends and also colleagues Bev Bos and Michael Leeman, Tom more recently began writing essays which were self-published by the Song Growing Company (www.tomhunter.com), with others printed in Young Children, Exchange, and in my newest book with Deb Curtis, Learning Together with Young Children. Tom also developed a DVD of songs to inspire mathematical learning for Teaching Strategies, Inc. (www.teachingstrategies.com).

In May, Tom was diagnosed with a fatal and very rare form of a neurodegenerative disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease which rapidly ...

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