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Children at Risk: Global Views on Challenges Facing Children

by Roger Neugebauer
July/August 2011
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Members of the World Forum community were invited to respond to the question: “What is the most urgent challenge facing young children in your country?” Here are some of their responses:

�" Africa �"
Insecurity: Young children face lots of insecurity, both from health hazards and poor parenting practices. There does not exist any parenting education program to help especially young parents face the challenges of parenting with confidence. As such, children suffer from neglect, deprivation, and related violence from the very people who are supposed to protect them. This also includes poor nutrition that is perpetrated by poverty, large family sizes, cultural practices, and limited birth control practices.
Jamils Richard Achunji Anguaseh
Global Welfare Association (GLOWA)

Both indoor and outdoor spaces are small, resulting in overcrowded classrooms with poor ventilation. Many of the centers have no consistent school feeding program, which is one major challenge considering that children cannot concentrate with empty stomachs. The teacher to child ratio is appalling. Faced with a huge number of children teachers are overwhelmed, resulting in lack of class control. The class infra-structure is dilapidated in most cases; classes are congested, and there are limited tools for either indoor or outdoor activities.
Janet Ndeto Mwitiki
International Child Resource Institute

Poverty, with ...

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