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Come to the Edge; Find the Possibilities

by Angel Stoddard
July/August 2008
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Imagine standing at the very edge of a cliff.

Are you inspired by the beauty that spreads out before you?

Can you feel the upward draft of the wind, attempting to carry you with it?

Or are you frightened by what’s out there? Do you fear falling? Failing?

Right now, today, you might find yourself at the edge of all the possibilities that lay ahead:

Do you aspire to finish your degree?

Applying all your senses, can you imagine your dream center?

Do you visualize a community coming together to support young children?

Whatever you dream can become real! Today can be the day you step off the edge and soar with the wind carrying you and your program to new heights. Margie Carter and Deb Curtis (1998) surmise, “Those who actively work with a bold vision create programs that stand out from the grim statistics on mediocrity.” What is your vision? Where do you begin when you’re ready to explore new ventures beyond the mundane paperwork and day-to-day tasks of operating an early childhood program?


Reflective practice is not new to the field of education. Teachers and teacher educators have been incorporating ...

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