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Competency-Based Behavioral Interviewing

by Sarah M. Garrigues
January/February 2012
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Your day is busy enough, but now you have to find the time to interview for the Preschool Lead Teacher position, after the previous Lead quit last week without notice. You hastily place an advertisement, ‘interview’ or talk informally with the persons with the best résumés for 30 minutes each, and make an offer to the one that ‘just feels right.’ Phew! You are glad that is over with. Or is it?

Leaders in the field of human resources tell us this brief, more conventional style of interviewing has less than a 30 percent chance of accurately predicting job performance (Hoevemeyer, 2006). As directors, we too often rely primarily on our hunches to guide us in employee selection. But what if our hunches are only 30 percent correct? When you hire a teacher who performs poorly in the classroom, you have to spend time and resources to retrain her. In the meantime, the children don’t receive optimal care and parents grow dissatisfied. If the teacher fails to improve and you terminate employment, you are faced with even greater customer dissatisfaction because no parent likes teacher turnover.

Potentially, one bad hire could be responsible for a noticeable decrease in enrollment and, as a result, ...

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