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Crossing Lines in Parent Relationships

by Anne Stonehouse and Janet Gonzalez-Mena
March/April 2006
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“Mariah is acting like she’s not feeling well,” comments Allison to her co-worker Lisa. “I think she has a little bit of a fever and she’s coughing. But I remember Brian said he had a really important meeting with a client all day today. Let’s just watch her and try to keep her quiet.” Lisa agrees. When she looks at Mariah she notices that she really needs a hair cut, and she mentions that she’s thinking she might make an appointment for her and take her on her day off from work. “After all,” she says, “her birthday is coming up and she needs to look beautiful for it. By the way, are you still going to make the fairy princess birthday cake for her?”

Mariah is almost three years old and attends the center full time. She’s been coming to the center since she was 10 months old. Her father Brian is an architect. Brian’s wife Ellen died in a car accident when Mariah was 18 months old, and he has been rearing Mariah on his own since then. He has supportive parents and a sister who all live in a town about an hour’s drive away.

Brian and his ...

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