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Dare to Dream

by Ron Blatz
January/February 2011
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“From our passions for reconnecting kids with nature, our ability to balance risky play with what is best for kids, our commitment to taking better care of our world (through composting and recycling) through to the incredible way we document our experiences and adventures, much of this would not happened without the leadership and vision of Ron. We are a centre at the forefront of what is best for children and families because of the way we work together under the guidance and direction Ron provides.” �" Terry Bussey, School-Age program Unit Leader

Discovery Children’s Centre in the province of Manitoba, Canada, is a not-for-profit centre. In a jurisdiction where the government controls the maximum daily fee charged, the number of licensed spaces, and the operating grant that the government provides, it would be easy to become complacent and just live life with the cards you are dealt. But Discovery Children’s Centre has never been willing to operate that way, believing that children, who may have little or no voice in a democratic society, can be heard if some adult will speak on their behalf.

As a country, Canada statistically has the second highest global percentage of mothers (with children under ...

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