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Art of Leadership: Developing People in Early Childhood Organizations (Revised Edition)

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This comprehensive hands-on series of books examines every aspect of effective center management from A to Z. Offering the best advice and thinking from recognized experts on program administration, these books are designed to be comprehensive, hands-on training texts as well as ongoing reference tools for center administrators. The ideas presented are practical; the strategies are proven to work.

Professionals working in early childhood organizations need to continually improve their skills and broaden their perspectives. Developing People offers practical advice from leading experts in our field on selecting, training, and appraising staff, as well as promoting teamwork among staff members. 149 pgs.

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  • On Teaching by Lilian G. Katz

Chapter 1: Selecting Staff

  • It Is Time to Roll Out the Red Carpet for Applicants by Heather Smoyer
  • Hiring for Professional, Creative Imagination by Ian Broinowski
  • Interviewing: A Pedagogical Approach by Anne Marie Coughlin
  • Questions That Get You Great Teachers by Jennifer Carsen
  • Observing Teaching Candidates in Action by Roger Neugebauer
  • Using Reflection and Intentionality to Support Men in Early Childhood Settings by Cecilia Scott-Croff

Chapter 2: Training Staff

  • Helping Adults Succeed by Gigi Schweikert
  • Intentional and Embedded Professional Development by Sandra Duncan
  • Creating Environments Where Teachers, Like Children, Learn Through Play by Elizabeth Jones
  • Creative Staff Training is Key to Quality by Karen Stephens Principles and Strategies for Coaching and Mentoring by Margie Carter
  • Mentors as Teachers, Learners, and Leaders by Marcy Whitebook and Dan Bellm
  • Enhancing Our Work Through Playful Professional Practice by Glory Ressler
  • Teacher Success is Hiding in Their Past by L. Carol Scott

Chapter 3: Appraising Staff

  • Performance Appraisals: One Step in a Comprehensive Staff Supervision Model by Susan Kilbourne
  • Monitoring, Measuring, and Evaluating Staff Performance by Kay M. Albrecht
  • Guidelines for Effective Use of Feedback by Roger Neugebauer
  • Looking Inside: Helping Teachers Assess Their Beliefs and Values by Paula Jorde Bloom
  • Evaluating Staff Performance: A Valuable Training Tool by Margie Carter
  • Overcome the Fear of Firing by Roger Neugebauer

Chapter 4: Promoting Teamwork

  • All the Teachers are Friends Here by Nancy Rosenow
  • Ten Strategies for Coaching a Winning Team by Pam Schiller
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Team Building by Roger Neugebauer
  • Using the Rules of Improvisation to Build Playful Teams by Kelly Matthews
  • Learning to Play Well with Others by Jeny Searcy
  • Cross-Cultural Teamwork by Margie Carter
  • When Friction Flares: Dealing with Staff Conflict by Roger Neugebauer
  • Ten Teamwork Terminators and Some Cures by Hawaii Directors Network attendees

ISBN: 978-0-942702-84-2