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Docia Shares a Story About Beginning Friendships

by Docia Zavitkovsky
November/December 1993
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It was her first week in preschool. She was shy and hesitant about participating with the children in her group. Knowing this, I made a point of going into Laurie's playroom every day. I would sit in a rocking chair and by gesture, expression, and hand signals, I would let her know I was there and always happy to see her. Gradually Laurie seemed comfortable enough to join the group when I was reading a story or at a table playing with the manipulatives. Often she smiled when she saw me. Then came the day when I felt like singing - the day I entered the room and Laurie came to me and pulled at my skirt. I leaned over and she whispered three words in my ear - three words I shall always treasure - "We be friends."

This didn't mean an immediate change from shy to outgoing, but from that moment on we were able to interact with one another in a friendly, meaningful way. It was a beginning.

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