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Docia Shares a Story About Children's Performances

by Docia Zavitkovsky
May/June 1993
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As I watched a group of young children "perform" at a parent meeting, my mind flashed back to a memorable experience I had when I was their age.

It took place a long time ago but in many ways it seems like yesterday. There we were, six angelic children standing in the wings waiting to go out on the small church stage to recite the pieces we had so laboriously learned.

We were flowers. I was a daisy and my best friend was a petunia. The director, quaint and mid-Victorian in dress, speech, and manner, hovered over us. She kept admonishing us to stand still, not wiggle or squirm. It was an impossible request.

Finally, it was our turn. The cue was given and we self-consciously trooped to the center of the stage. We giggled, nudged each other, and waved to everyone we knew in the audience. Because it was Mother's Day, our lines had to do with motherhood and, though they had little meaning to us, we managed to say them in a fairly acceptable manner.

Everything proceeded smoothly until it was the rose's turn. We had all wanted to be the rose because she had the ...

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