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Docia Shares a Story About Communicating

by Docia Zavitkovsky
September/October 1994
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Several years ago, my family stayed in a small inn in rural France and the owners and their children ate in the small dining room with us. Their little girl, under two years of age, was having a difficult time. Her mother wanted her to eat and she was determined not to eat.

The more the mother insisted, the more the little girl resisted. She wiggled and squirmed and moved back and forth in her high chair with such force that I fully expected it to tip over. I also had the feeling that at any moment she was going to have an old fashioned temper tantrum. She was very aware that she was getting our attention and was making the most of it.

We finished our dinner and started to leave the dining room. As I passed her chair, on an impulse, I picked up a spoon and started to feed her. She was so amazed that she began to eat. (I was amazed, too.)

When she finished everything on her plate, she looked at me as much as to say, "How about some more?"

I patted her lightly on the back, ...

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