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Docia Shares a Story About Getting in a Rut

by Docia Zavitkovsky
September/October 1991
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I wonder if more often than we realize we do things that start out as appropriate and well meaning and through sheer repetition become accepted as everyday methods whether
appropriate or not.

Take rest time in an all day children's center program. Adults see sitting by a child at rest time and gently rubbing a child's back as a tender, loving, caring thing to do. A young child may see it differently. A young child may see it as adult control and resist, while the adult may insist that the child accept the "help," totally unaware that there is a problem.

Jamie is a good example. There was an air of peace and quiet in the rest room. Most of the children had dropped off to sleep. Mrs. Murray sat next to Jamie and gently patted his back. She stared into space. Her thoughts were a million miles away. She was brought back to the here and now by a child whispering, "Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Murray." Mrs. Murray leaned over and Jamie asked, "Are you almost through?"

Maybe we should review some of our practices and see if some of our tried and true ...

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