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Domestic Violence and the Impact on Young Children

by Michelle Zinke and Linda Zinke
September/October 2008
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Domestic violence can be described as a pattern of intentional behaviors that includes a variety of tactics, such as physical and sexual violence, stalking, threats/intimidation, isolation, psychological attacks, and spiritual and economic abuse.

Domestic violence can happen to anyone. It does not discriminate on the basis of economic status, culture, ethnicity, education, family structure, religion, sexual orientation, or age. It occurs in relationships where the current or former partners are or have been dating, cohabitating, or married.

A recent review of research on domestic violence and gender found that “men and boys are more likely (than women and girls) to be the perpetrators, and women and girls are more likely (than men and boys) to be the victims of intimate partner abuse.” The research review also found that “while some women and girls are abusive and violent to their male partners, it is estimated to be 5% or fewer of the cases” (Belknap & Melton, 2005, p. 6-7).

What causes domestic violence?

Many people believe the violence to be caused by drugs/alcohol, poor impulse control, or other factors. This is untrue. Use of violence is not caused by:

• physical or mental illness
• genetics
• alcohol or drugs
• poor impulse control due to anger or ...

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