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Evaluating Teacher Performance

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This volume of Exchange Essentials includes the following selected Exchange articles, in PDF format, focusing on evaluating teacher performance:

  • Helping Teachers Grow: Separating Competency from Compensation
    by Kay Albrecht
  • Performance Appraisals: One Step in a Comprehensive Staff Supervision Model
    by Susan Kilbourne
  • Staff Evaluations: Responding to the Challenge
    by Patricia Scallan
  • Helping Teachers Grow: Strategies for Diversifying Performance Evaluation and Feedback
    by Kay Albrecht
  • Quality Enhancement Through Self-Reflecting and Dialog
    by Margie Carter
  • Looking Inside: Helping Teachers Assess Their Beliefs and Values
    by Paula Jorde Bloom
  • Assessing Staff Problems: Key to Effective Staff Development
    by John M. Johnston
  • Reading Staff Dissatisfaction Cues
    by Kay Albrecht
  • Evaluating Staff Performance: A Valuable Training Tool
    by Margie Carter
  • Staff Self-evaluation Form
    by Joan Lloyd and the Peoria Star
  • Are You Listening?
    An Exchange Evaluation Instrument
  • Master Teacher Evaluation Form
    by Margie Carter
  • Teacher Evaluation Form
    by Carol Murphy
  • Teacher Self-Evaluation Form
    by Carol Murphy
  • Self-Evaluation: Early Childhood Teacher
    An Exchange Evaluation Instrument

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Evaluating Teacher Performance