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Effective Leadership Behaviors for Child Care Administrators

by Rachel Robertson
March/April 2011
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Through the years I have had many opportunities to support programs in various stages of pursuing a quality measurement rating such as NAEYC accreditation, Environmental Rating Scales, or other tools used in Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) (collectively known throughout the remainder of this article as quality measurement systems). This privilege has allowed me insight into the strategies and approaches that programs employ to achieve these goals. The good news is that there are many ways to successfully achieve these goals. The bad news is that there is not one simple path to success. However, when reflecting on all of the programs I have worked with, across states, from urban to suburban, from small to large, there are some commonalities in how successful programs pursue a quality measurement system. When considering these common factors, what is most noticeable â€" and, I propose, a contributing factor to the long-term outcomes â€" are the characteristics and behaviors of the administrators of successful programs.

Among quality measurement systems, there is no clear description of how administrators are expected to move through the process. This is not necessarily a fault of the systems; it is not their intention to script a program’s process. Yes, there ...

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