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Eliminating Transitions

by Barb Gallick and Lisa Lee
July/August 2010
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Imagine a day when you planned to spend some time organizing photos and scrapbooking. You have just spread out all the photos and supplies when your husband asks you to help him plant the garden. You clean up and head outside. After the tomatoes are planted and you are digging holes for pepper plants, your daughter reminds you that her soccer practice starts in ten minutes. Again, you clean up, switch gears, and grab that new book you’ve been meaning to read. You’ve just settled in to your lawn chair when the cell phone rings. It’s your son saying he really needs you to take him to the store to get supplies for his science fair project. Off you go once again and think to yourself, “Has it only been two hours since I pulled out those scrapbooking supplies?”

Many of us can relate to this hectic lifestyle, but how many of us would prefer to have taken those two hours to focus on just one project? As adults, we often find ourselves transitioning from one activity to another in a short time span. Most of the time, we don’t feel we have a lot of control over our schedules, but wish ...

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