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Encouraging Early Writing

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What's In This Kit?
This training kit provides teachers with strategies for encouraging preschoolers’ early writing efforts. This training program contains the following components:

  • Expected training outcomes and learning objectives
  • Training research, models, benchmarks
  • Preparation and implementation steps
  • Handouts
  • The article “Encouraging Preschoolers’ Early Writing Efforts: Take Another Look at That Scribble” by Leslie Falconer
  • References and resources
  • Training Certificate for Learner �" Certificate of Attendance and Participation

Who's the Target Audience?
The target audiences for this training kit are beginning and intermediate advanced learners who are working with preschoolers (3 years through 5 years). This kit is designed to help participants channel early writing efforts and to encourage young children to record their new ideas and creative thoughts. .

Teacher Skill Level
beginning intermediate advanced
Children's Age Level
infants toddlers preschoolers school-agers birth to 8

Kit Timeline:
Preparation time for this kit is estimated at 1.0 hour. Implementation and actual training time is 5.0 hours, which includes 2.5 hours of face-to-face training and 2.5 hours of independent study and an applied activity project.

Training Outcomes:

  1. Learner will list at least 3 creative writing tools and surfaces.
  2. Learner will describe at least 3 classroom ideas that will encourage preschoolers’ early writing efforts.
  3. Learner will list and describe The Four O’s for Encouraging Early Writing.
  4. Learner will implement 3 writing strategies into the classroom that will promote the early writing efforts of young children.

These training outcomes address the following American standards:

  • National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) Standards and Accreditation Performance Criteria (2005). www.naeyc.org. 2.A.08; 2.A.10; 2.E.03; 2.G.04; 2.G.05; 2.H.02; 2.H.03; 3.E.03; 4.D.08
  • Head Start Performance Standards (Federal Register, Nov. 5, 1-6, Volume 6), Number 215). www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ohs/. 1304.21(a)(1)(i-iii); 1304.21(a)(4)(i-iv)
  • National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs, National Association of Child Care Professionals (2005). www.naccp.org . D11, D20.

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