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Essential Ideas for Healthy Childhoods

July/August 2012
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Complexity of Ideas
Amelia Gambetti, Reggio Children

The idea of complexity, a multiplicity of elements, aspects that do not necessarily go in the same direction, is, from my perspective, an important value of the knowledge construction, learning construction, too.

In terms of young children, the element of complexity offers to them the possibility to have an opportunity to learn how to think and to generate ideas. Life is complex; therefore, the more children who are involved in situations in which they find the pleasure and the effort to learn how to build theories, find strategies, solve problems, the more they become aware of the power of their thinking.

I believe that when a human being becomes aware of it, he or she is also capable to encounter life with all the ­difficult situations that it offers.

I think the more we are aware of the power of our thinking, the more we feel the strength to be capable to solve ­problems and we learn not to give up easily in front of difficulties by finding solutions.

The Having of a Wonderful Idea*
Diane Levin, Wheelock College

My sophomore year at Cornell, I had my first preschool placement. One day, three-year-old Chip and Henry were ...

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