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From My Side: Being A Child

by Sylvia Chard and Yvonne Kogan
ITEM #: 4110510

Sure to be treasured, this beautiful hardcover book celebrates the authors' lifelong travels to countries throughout the world. Over 200 full-color photographs illustrate how children learn from their environment when they are engaged in everyday life activities. Ideal for home and school, educators, and parents.

Foreword excerpt:
"There is a holy writ in these pages, a praise song of creation. Seeing childhood in a variety of times and places, as presented in this book, we become children again.

And it is only when we adults allow ourselves to recognize the needs of children to celebrate the child like virtues that give life its sweetness, can we ourselves be fully human."

Ina Hughs
Newspaper columnist and author of
A Prayer for Children, Storylines, and A Sense of Human

ISBN: 978-0-87659-074-4

From My Side: Being A Child