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Helping Teachers Love their Work

by Lynn T. Hill
July/August 1995
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When child care teachers leave their jobs, they leave behind a chaotic stream of events. The children who were once in their care not only lose a teacher but often lose a sense of security and trust. Risk taking and learning may become difficult until another attachment and bond can be formed with a new teacher.

For the staff left behind, the work load intensifies until new staff can be trained. They become the "port in the storm" for children and parents who are struggling with the transition. This responsibility is often a draining one. And for the administration, the process of interviewing, hiring, and training yet another new staff member can be overwhelming, as can be the explanations and reassurances to anxious parents.

With turnover in the child care profession at epidemic proportions, enormous care must be taken by directors and administrators to attempt to alleviate some of the most common reasons for leaving the profession.

Reason #1
No Sense of Achievement

"I don't feel challenged by this job. I'm bored by the day-to-day routine."

"I don't feel that my job is respected by the parents or by the administration."

"I don't feel that I'm being paid fairly."

Strategies for helping teachers ...

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