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Hold the Phone!

by Holly Elissa Bruno
September/October 2014
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Technology never falls backward. It touches our lives more intimately each day. Internet technology especially grows more and more personalized and allur­ing. At this moment, you are a few clicks away from rediscovering a favorite elementary school friend, watching ­YouTube videos that make your sides ache from laughing, redesigning your living room via Pinterest, purchasing a stunning outfit at a jaw-dropping discount, and/or enjoying face time with your distant relative.

Our relationship with the Internet has become so intimate that 36 percent of us wake up in the morning to check our texts, emails, tweets, and social networking messages before we do anything else (Acxiom Digital Impact “Consumer Digital Study,” 2013). Our smartphones hold treasure troves of our most personal information from secret passwords to recordings of loved ones who are no longer with us. Have you ever misplaced or lost your phone? OMG. Talk about separation ­anxiety! To some of us, our smartphone feels like a part of our anatomy.

As technology bounds into the future, we early childhood folk work in a different space. That space is the moment: The ­moment a child overcomes her fear of jumping ...

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