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How Secure is Your Center? - Rating Safety and Security Risks

by Anne Cardwell, Fred Citron, and Steve Dreier
November/December 1999
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Running a child care center is risky business. From a child falling off a trike and scraping her knee to a parent accusing a teacher of sexual abuse, the possibilities for danger seem endless. However, as experienced directors know, centers can significantly reduce their level of risk by taking proper precautions.

We interviewed key players in organizations, which in concert operate over 500 centers nationwide, to gain their insights on the comparative magnitude of various risks and on steps to take to minimize them. These interviews revealed three categories of risks - high frequency with low impact, low frequency with low impact, and low frequency with high impact.

High Frequency Low Impact Risks

- Playground Injuries. Far and away the most frequent accidents at child care centers occur on the playground. For the most part, these injuries are minor - cuts, scrapes, and bruises. However, the possibility of serious injury is real. To reduce the incidence and seriousness of playground accidents, the following actions are recommended:

_ Equipment Safety. Before purchasing any playground fixtures, be sure that they comply with all applicable child safety guidelines.

_ Surface Safety. When installing playground structures, make sure that the surface meets safety guidelines as well. ...

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