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How to Stimulate Creativity in Your Staff

by Roger Neugebauer
January/February 1981
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"In every mind there are widening regions of creativity if once the spark has been allowed to generate the fire."
�" Gardner Murphy

Creativity is a vital ingredient of any successful child care organization. Creativity is needed in the classroom in planning a responsive curriculum, in designing a stimulating environment, and in providing exciting interactions with the children. The management of a center requires creativity in stretching scant resources, in devising fundraising strategies, and in training and motivating staff. A center must be able to respond creatively to changing populations, changing needs, and changing opportunities.

But can a director truly summon forth a flow of creative ideas from the staff? Aren't there a limited number of creative people in the world and if your staff doesn't have one you're out of luck? Management consultant Peter F. Drucker answers that creativity is not in short supply:

"Creativity is not the real problem. There are usually more ideas in any organization than can possibly be put to use. . . . What is lacking is management's willingness to welcome ideas, in fact, solicit them."
Starting with the assumption that creativity is a valuable untapped staff resource, Exchange surveyed current management literature for ideas on how to unleash this ...

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