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I Do, I Do, I Do...Don't I?

by Pauline Davey Zeece
November/December 1995
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On the 12 days of directing, dilemmas brought to me:

12 Pipes a Leaking Can we go one more month without replacing that water heater?

11 Checks a Bouncing Do we need a better fee collection system?

10 Parents Panicking Who started the rumor that we were closing down?

9 Teachers Fighting What makes adults fight over red construction paper?

8 Chocolate Milkings Is there really such a thing as a sugarless menu?

7 Children Swimming Can we take the school agers to the pool this summer? Can I pick which ones?

6 Lice a Laying Why me?

5 Stolen Things Do we need to buy a security system?

4 Appalling Birds Why didn't I ask that teacher how many parrots she owned before I hired her?

3 Pinched Hands Where will we get the money to refit all those cabinet doors?

2 Toilets Down Who said life was fair?

And a Naked Child in a Pine Tree Why is the only child who insists on climbing trees in the buff MINE?

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