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Illuminating Care: The Pedagogy and Practice of Care in Early Childhood Communities (Out-of-Stock)

by Carol Garboden Murray
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Illuminating Care: The Pedagogy and Practice of Care in Early Childhood Communities is a powerful exploration of caregiving as a vital component of education and child development and a crucial building block of human community and society.

Carol Garboden Murray meaningfully invites educators, parents and caregivers to experience the essential strength and value of their care for young children, the artistry and integrity of it, in the routines of daily life.

Developing a culture of caring and incorporating care into intentional reflective practice both relieves and elevates the experience of teaching. The daily rituals of each child, and children's interactions with one another, provide natural opportunities to celebrate care and build health, connection, independence, and community.


"Illuminating Care is full of wisdom. Although it is written for the early childhood educator, it speaks to us all as it describes the virtue that our species so urgently needs to nourish and develop. The book contains a wealth of practical suggestions while offering beautiful thoughts. It is truly uplifting."

- William Crain, Professor of Psychology, The City College of New York
Author of Reclaiming Childhood and Theories of Development

“Thank you for this inspiring and comprehensive look into the art and science of care. Your clearly articulated stance on caring, as that which constitutes the essence of our humanity, is a must read for early childhood teachers as well as teacher preparation candidates. Addressing caring as that which fuels teaching and learning, will undoubtedly influence the teaching practices and parenting styles of those dedicated to the holistic growth and development of young children.”

- Dr. Frances J. Rofrano, Associate Professor in the Masters of Early Childhood Education Program, Lehman College, City University of New York

“In Illuminating Care, Carol Garboden Murray calls on us to have the courage to 'challenge the notion that care is subordinate to education.' Her book offers a thorough and beautiful account of why society must grant care and the early childhood professionals who offer it the respect they deserve. Murray deserves congratulations for her own courage in bringing this sentiment, and this subject, to our attention.”

- Rae Pica, Author of What If We Taught the Way Children Learn?

Table of Contents:

  • The courage to care
  • About Illuminating Care

Definition of Pedagogy:
The Art, Science, or Profession of Teaching
  • The first lamp of care: Care is education
  • The second lamp of care: Care is a right
  • The third lamp of care: Care is a partnership
  • The fourth lamp of care: Care is bodily
  • The fifth lamp of care: Care is an art
  • The sixth lamp of care: Care is a science
  • The seventh lamp of care: Care is what makes us human

Practice of Care

Care Practice: Meals and Snacks
  • Shining the seven lamps of care on meal time
  • The invisible curriculum of care during meals
  • Understanding emerging relationships with food
  • Integrating knowledge and comfort with food in curriculum plans
  • Positive guidance for lifelong attitudes about self and food
  • Respect for food
  • Structuring Snacks and meals
  • Emerging skills and materials
  • Conversations and connections at meals

Care Practice: Sleep and Rest
  • Shining the seven lamps of care on sleep and rest
  • Sleep and Health
  • Nap and rest in group care
  • Designing flexible sleep-rest practices
  • Practices and considerations to support sleep and rest
  • Belonging, comfort, and family bonds
  • Valuing solitude, rest, quiet and silence
  • Special collection of rest stories

Care Practice: Toilet Teaching and Learning
  • Shining the seven lamps of care on toilet learning
  • What do we know about toilet learning?
  • Partnership with families and readiness for adults
  • Emotions and fears around toilet learning
  • Language and toilet learning
  • Poop problems
  • An outline of steps for moving out of diapers
  • Toilet learning readiness checklist
  • Pedagogy and practice to nurture toilet learning
  • Encouragement and trusting intrinsic drive
  • Against toilet learning deadlines
  • Consistency in home and school
  • A sample letter for families

Care Practice: Self-Care
  • Caring for self with the seven lamps of care
  • Self awareness as self-care
  • Care as burden or care as joy?
  • Viewing care as regenerative-a practice of self-care
  • Understanding your caring style to find balance
  • What do you complain about?
  • Rescuing care
  • Embedding self-care in the arts of care
  • Listening reveals the intellectual work of care

What Do You Care About?
  • Caring as an invitation to live a creative life


About the Author

Carol Garboden Murray has been working with children, families and teachers for many years in Oregon, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts and New York State. She says, “A life working in early education and care has been more intellectually stimulating, heart felt, rewarding, challenging, and wildly creative than I could have ever dreamed. I am honored by the privilege of caring for children in our communities, and I am grateful for all the people who have helped me tell the story of care in this book.”

ISBN: 978-0-942702-72-9