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Interviewing: A Pedagogical Approach

by Anne Marie Coughlin
September/October 2012
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Hiring new educators can be a tiring and difficult process. Often directors are left with short notice, limited choices, and mounting pressures to fill positions. Yet the hiring process is one of the most important things a director can do. The influences of who we hire are far-reaching and extend well past the hiring process itself. The ability for a centre/organization to work towards goals and be successful largely depends on the strength of its people. A poor choice in hiring may provide a warm body in the classroom, but it can also be the cause of many ­problems in the future.

In our work, it is important for us to ­parallel what we do with adults with the work we expect adults to do with ­children in the classrooms. We have built an entire professional development structure around the notion that adult learners deserve the same things as child learners: to be respected, to be seen as being full of potential, to have opportunities to develop theories and work through ­problems, and to have access to multiple resources. So the question has occurred to us, “How can we link the interview process to the same theoretical practices we use in the ...

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