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Kids and Soil: A Perfect Match

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Exchange Reflections are training resources that help a team of people meet in-person or live online to think deeply together about a topic using an article from Exchange magazine as a guide. This Exchange Reflections is based around the Exchange magazine article, "Kids and Soil: A Perfect Match" by E. Britt Moore.

Included are discussion questions to help guide reflections, and a "Making Commitments" idea sheet to help prompt ideas to action. For your convenience, Exchange Reflections are available in PDF format, and you can download it immediately on your desktop.


  1. Find a date and time that your team can meet for a discussion, and designate a facilitator.
  2. Email or print and distribute Exchange Reflections to each team member prior to the discussion.
  3. Read the article with an open mind, paying attention to any emotional reactions you may have. You may find you agree with some parts and disagree with others.
  4. During your meeting, use the suggested Discussion Questions to guide your reflections. Agree to abide by these guidelines during the discussion:
    • Allow everyone a chance to speak -Listen respectfully and actively
    • Commit to learning about each other, not debating
    • Embrace differences of opinion as healthy, and always support each person’s authentic self expression.
  5. End by looking together at the ideas in the Making Commitments section. Encourage participants to create their own commitment or choose one of the ideas provided.

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Kids and Soil: A Perfect Match