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Language Development

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This volume of Exchange Essentials includes the following selected Exchange articles, in pdf format, focusing on language development:

  • A Joyful Journey to Literacy: The Great Debate
    by Pam Schiller
  • Knowledge, Understanding, and the Disposition to Seek Both
    by Lilian G. Katz
  • The Meaning of Marks: Understanding and Nurturing Young Children’s Writing Development
    by Rachel Robertson
  • Can Babies Read and Write?
    by Deb Curtis
  • Early Literacy: Do Parents Matter?
    by Michael Gramling
  • If You Want Children to Become Writers, Ask Them to Write Their Names
    by Evelyn Lieberman
  • Writing As a Form of Communication
    by Allison Moore and Jesse Taylor
  • Making Digital Books with Children? You Really Must Try It!
    by Jean Ann Clyde and Mark F. W. Condon
  • Encouraging Preschoolers’ Early Writing Efforts
    by Leslie Falconer
  • Picking Strawberries, Gathering Eggs, and Dancing - or How I Learned to Write
    by Francis Wardle

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Language Development