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Art of Leadership: Leading Early Childhood Organizations

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This comprehensive hands-on series of books examines every aspect of effective center management from A to Z. Offering the best advice and thinking from recognized experts on program administration, these books are designed to be comprehensive, hands-on training texts as well as ongoing reference tools for center administrators. The ideas presented are practical; the strategies are proven to work.

Leadership matters in early childhood. Leading Early Childhood Organizations provides you with practical advice from top experts on leadership in the early childhood arena. Content focuses on the skills required to lead an organization, supervise staff, and manage the organization. 136 pgs.

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Table of Contents


  • What Has 14 Hands? by Bonnie Neugebauer and Roger Neugebauer

Chapter 1: Being a Leader

  • Being a Boss by Roger Neugebauer
  • Heart-centered Leadership by Nancy Rosenow
  • Leadership Matters: Creating Anti-bias Change in
  • Early Childhood Programs by Louise Derman-Sparks, John Nimmo, and Debbie LeeKeenan
  • Effective Leadership Behaviors for Child Care Administrators by Rachel Robertson
  • The Role of Knowledge in Leadership by Maurice Sykes
  • Spreading the Wealth: Leadership at All Levels by Debra R. Sullivan
  • So You’re a Director - What Else Can Go Wrong? by Roger Neugebauer
  • The Art of Leadership: What We’ve Learned in 38 Years by Bonnie Neugebauer and Roger Neugebauer

Chapter 2: Supervising Staff

  • 12 Reasons People Love to Work for You by Roger Neugebauer
  • Who Made Me Boss? by Gigi Schweikert
  • Self-Motivation: Motivation at Its Best by Roger Neugebauer
  • What Do Teachers Need Most from Their Directors? by Margie Carter
  • The Paradoxes of Leadership by Bonnie Neugebauer and Roger Neugebauer
  • You Say Staff Deserve Respect? Energize Your Words with Action! by Karen Stephens
  • Becoming an Authentic Communicator by Johnna Darragh Ernst
  • Building and Rebuilding Your Credibility by Roger Neugebauer
  • If Your Boss is the Problem, What Choices Do You Have? by Holly Elissa Bruno

Chapter 3: Managing the Organization

  • ECE and Business Savvy - A Happy Marriage by Cecelia Doyle
  • Are You Running a Center or Building an Organization? by Joan Dunn Antonsen, Jan Silverman, and Pauline Work
  • Searching for Innovators: An Interview with Louise Stoney by Margie Carter
  • New Ways of Managing: Alternative Approaches to Leading
  • Early Childhood Organizations by Roger Neugebauer
  • Becoming Community Centric by Lisa Ann Haeseler
  • Growing a Multi-site Organization: Build Systems of Credibility and Empower Others to Execute Them by Chad Dunkley
  • Nine Questions for the Dedicated Board Member by Roger Neugebauer
  • Enjoying the Good Lice: Managing Crises by Pauline Davey Zeece
  • Considering Expansion? Lessons Learned Along the Way by Henry Wilde
  • Out of the Box Ideas on Center Evaluation by Roger Neugebauer
  • Do You Have a Healthy Organization? by Roger Neugebauer

ISBN: 978-0-942702-58-3