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Learning Moments CD - Outdoor Play

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These CDs can be used on PC or Mac platform.

Permission is granted for use of the CD by one individual program director, trainer, or college educator presenting the material in an in-person setting.

For use online or by multiple individuals in one organization (including large early childhood organizations, colleges, and other training institutions), please email requests to [email protected].

This Learning Moments CD (for use on on computer) presents real-life video files that are the perfect compliment to workshops, lectures, and online courses on outdoor play. You will observe how children’s play in outdoor spaces supports their learning about themselves, others, and the physical world.

"Excerpt from Outdoor Play CD - Children not only solve problems; they also invent strategies for solving them more effectively as they play."

When children play outdoors, we expect them to run, jump, and stretch beyond what is possible in the classroom. For this reason we often treat outdoor play as a time for gross motor play, group games, and sports. Teachers less often consider the high level thinking that occurs outdoors as children solve problems, negotiate rules, construct with loose parts, and figure out how to navigate changes in the terrain.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Tricycle Tour
    Runtime 1:30
    In what other ways does Ella show she may be thinking about her friend, Grace? How does your playground support cross-age play?
  • Ones Sweep â€" at least move â€" Leaves
    Runtime 4:06
    Why not give this group of one-year-old children child-sized brooms? Is it useful for them to confront non-trivial problems by using big brooms and be successful? Why do the children persist in spite of the difficulties?
  • The Challenge of Changing Terrains
    Runtime 4:06
    How do changing terrains require children to think on the fly and make clever micro-decisions?
  • Infant Climb
    Runtime 1:28
    How do children’s social interactions, even at the youngest ages, influence their risk-taking behaviors? As teachers, how can our classroom environments reflect the infants’ need for physical as well as cognitive challenges? Is it possible that the tunnel was intended as an invitation to go through, not over? Are you careful to take special note of actions that you did not expect?
  • Ring Around the Rosy
    Runtime 2:18
    Can you assess your outdoor play structures in terms of their affordances for multiple users?
  • Playground Physics
    Runtime 3:09
    What materials on your playground offer children opportunities to explore physics concepts? Why is it that the game of two children on a seesaw is not particularly suited for time tuning an understanding of balance?
  • An Invented Game
    Runtime 1:42
    What familiar games or thymes do your children adapt to match the physical features on your playground? What behavior can you observe to judge the synchronicity of their play, for example, the ways they signal each other for a change in the direction or timing of a movement that is part of the group game?
  • Boost from a Friend
    Runtime 1:34
    How do the challenges posed by a cylinder differ from other familiar climbing surfaces? What other playground structures or loose parts foster cooperation and peer collaboration?
  • To Make a Path of Stones
    Runtime 4:33
    When adding materials, why do you think the children include or exclude certain items? What criteria do the children use to determine when their path is finished? Can you think of other ways to encourage children to think about the completeness and functionality of their path?
  • Stacking Tires
    Runtime 7:22
    What other problem solving strategies do you notice Jensen using as she works to stack the large automobile tires? How does her goal change after she successfully makes a five tire stack?
  • Construction Site Dilemma
    Runtime 3:14
    When the boys have trouble establishing communication, what strategies do they invent together in an effort to overcome the challenges? How might you help the children revisit their theories and extend the learning encounter?
  • Traffic Jam for Toddlers
    Runtime 7:36
    How do you think the children might solve this new problem? Do you think the challenge could encourage them to work together?
  • Peek-a-Boo Playing with the Rules
    Runtime 2:27
    What do the children’s actions tell us they understand about the rules of the game?
  • Tree Tunks: Balance and Power
    Runtime 5:15
    What strategies does the teacher use to help the children reflect upon what may be the source of the problem and work as a team to explore the ideas offered by individual members of the group?
  • Appendix

The Learning Moments Series is produced by Videatives, Inc.