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Literacy: Storytelling, Reading, Writing

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Stories connect us to one another, fostering positive interactions that integrate speaking, listening, sharing books, telling stories, singing songs, developing identity, and learning to draw and write. Stories play a critical role in the early literacy development. This collection of Exchange articles is designed to help teachers reflect on and build a strong foundation for supporting literacy development.

This volume of Exchange Essentials includes the following selected Exchange articles, in pdf format:

  • The Magic of Oral Storytelling
    Lenore Peachin Wineberg
  • The Power to Fight Bad Guys and Lift Heavy Things: Storytelling in the Classroom
    Kelly Massey
  • Reading Matters: Are We There Yet? Celebrating Storytelling in Children’s Books
    Jean Dugan
  • ‘I Want My Baby to Read’: Supporting Parents in Guiding Early Language and Literacy Development
    Bisa Batten Lewis
  • Read with Me: Engaging Strategies for Picture Books
    Rebecca Curtis and Lauri Etheridge
  • Can you Read to Me? Increasing Language and Literacy Skills During Shared Book Reading
    Tiffany P. Hogan
  • I See Myself in This Book! The Importance of Fostering a Positive Self-Image in Young African American Males Through Literature and Imagery
    Petrea Hicks
  • Writing Around the Room: Playing with Sand, Water and Print
    Rebecca McMahon Giles
  • Finding Literacy in the Block Corner
    Jill Scott and Karen Wohlwend
  • Outdoor Authors: Publishing Possibilities on the Playground and Beyond
    Rebecca M. Giles and Karyn W. Tunks

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Literacy: Storytelling, Reading, Writing